sábado, 7 de fevereiro de 2009

What will life be like in the year 2040?

Year 2040 arrived, forty years since the beginning of the twenty-first century.
We are living now in a completely different and very technological world people who lived in the 21st century had a very different way of life from this one of nowadays.
School today is very different from the 21st century, because we have PC’s and not notebooks, so we don’t write, we only click; we have interactive boards; There are no books, we only use the digital stuff. When we arrived school we have robots in the entrance to recognize us, through our pupils (eyes).
We have developed, too the Science, Medicine, Astronomy, Environmental resources and communication too.
Cars nowadays fly throughout the sky we have no traffic and noise. We travel in a more confortable way.
Scientists discovered at last the solution for cancer and nobody dies anymore from that disease.
In the astronomical field they discovered a new Planet in another galaxy, where they believe there is some kind of life and we believe one day we could live.
The Environment is now more preserved and people respect it, because they know that without and healthy weather and good atmosphere, we couldn’t live anymore in this planet. We need to live in real touch with our environmental resources and respect them, because they are the greatest treasure of our planet.
We have to believe that without preserving our environment, life in Earth won’t be possible in a near future.
Talking about daily routine, we don’t have keys, because only need our finger prints. We have mobiles, internet, PC’s and TV too.
One of the greatest inventions were the robots to do on-line shopping and do the house hold chores.
To conclude life in Earth in 2040 will be a reality if we nowadays take care of the planet.
I had a dream that someday men will live in peace, love and happiness in this old world.
written by: Ana Cachucho
posted by: Isabel Brito da Luz

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Anónimo disse...

I´m sure 2040 will be a nice one!!We'll see!!

Jorge Borbinha disse...

A great point of view of how will be our future. The «perfect world».
I liked it!

Bruno Catita disse...

I hope 2040 to be like your "dream". It would be awesome =D.
See you there!

Anónimo disse...

Sorry, but I found out a lot of mistakes! Do you want my help to correct them?

Rui Cóias

Anónimo disse...

well i see that in 2040 we could have the perfect world